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Where Your Vision & Our Mission Become One.

Web Solutions

Discover Senegal Marketing Services, your partner for exceptional web solutions in Senegal. We design innovative websites, high-performance applications, and digital marketing strategies to propel your online business to new heights. Trust our expertise to achieve your online goals, whether it's increasing your visibility, generating leads, or boosting your sales. Choose Senegal Marketing Services for success on the web.

Digital Ecosystem

The Senegalese government has been proactive in promoting digital transformation. Initiatives like the "Digital Senegal 2025" strategy demonstrate a commitment to fostering a digital economy. This strategy aims to improve connectivity, promote digital education, and encourage e-government services.

Senegal has a high rate of mobile phone penetration, with widespread use of mobile devices across various demographics. This has been instrumental in driving internet access, which is primarily mobile-driven. Affordable smartphones and mobile data plans have contributed to increasing internet usage.

Start-up Culture and Innovation

Senegal's capital, Dakar, is becoming a hub for start-ups and innovation in West Africa. There's a growing community of tech entrepreneurs and start-ups focusing on solving local problems and tapping into regional markets. Areas like fintech, agritech, and e-commerce are particularly active.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the digital ecosystem in Senegal is growing, challenges like digital divide, infrastructure limitations, and access to funding persist. However, these challenges also present opportunities for development and investment in the sector.

Education and Skills Development

There's a growing focus on developing digital skills among the population. Educational institutions and various organizations are offering training in digital literacy, coding, and IT skills, aiming to prepare a workforce for the digital economy.

Regional Influence

Senegal's digital growth has the potential to influence and contribute to the broader digital landscape in West Africa, especially in areas like digital policy, innovation, and cross-border collaborations.

Say hello to your customers with an attractive, professional-looking website designed by Senegal Marketing Services. Your customers are what our experts keep in mind when designing your website. It takes more than just looking attractive on the web to design a quality website. 

Transform Your Brand

User experience is at the heart of our approach because a website must first and foremost be intuitive and pleasant to navigate. Search engine optimization is just as crucial, as it ensures that your site is visible and well-ranked among search results, thus increasing your visibility and potential for attraction. Ease of use goes hand in hand with thoughtful design, where each feature is accessible and each piece of information is easy to find.

Our Name Says it All

Your success starts here

Senegal Marketing Services is a web design and digital marketing agency located in Dakar, Senegal. We provide you with all the tools you need to develop your business on the web. Our creation in 2014 has given us the opportunity to engage with hundreds of companies in Senegal and West Africa, which has allowed us to better understand their needs, and therefore better serve them. Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the best web design and marketing agencies in Senegal. The technologies we offer you aim to transform your company's brand to reach a global audience, improve the quality of your customer base, and maximize the return on your company's investments. Furthermore, we will help your business become more competitive and strengthen its credibility with audiences around the world.

A Smart choice for Small Businesses

Small businesses in Senegal can trust our company for their web design projects. With a strong track record, we understand their unique needs and challenges. Our experienced team creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites that showcase their brand and engage their target audience. We prioritize client satisfaction, delivering projects on time and within budget. By choosing us, small businesses can expect professionalism, creativity, and a deep understanding of their specific requirements.

We have developed a set of effective services to help your business grow and attract new customers. These services include websites and e-commerce solutions that focus on usability and responsive design. They also include creative branding solutions that give your business a strong identity, and customization to suit your business needs.

Quality solutions at your fingertips

We are a web design and marketing company located in Ngor, Dakar, Senegal, focused on creating innovative content. Our technical and innovative expertise creates captivating experiences. Our experts create impactful websites, pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence.

Dive into the Experience

We enhance your online identity by creating exceptional digital experiences that captivate your audience and strengthen your presence on the web. Our approach is based on a combination of innovative design, impactful marketing strategy, and cutting-edge technologies. We work closely with you to understand your goals and values, in order to design tailored solutions that perfectly reflect your brand.

Design unique and captivating web experiences

Every domain name, without exception, comes with everything you need to get started. 


Our ultra-fast hosting offers automatic setup combined with award-winning support. 


Our experts are able to help you get a better ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing.


We guarantee the security of your data  and we take care of the installation & maintenance SSL.


We are committed to catapulting your business to new heights through a variety of tools and customized strategies. Our mission is to enhance your online activity by optimizing the presence and performance of your website.

Digital Craftsmanship at the Service of the User

In terms of technical details, we pay special attention to performance and security, aspects often overlooked but essential to a website's reliability. Each line of code is written with care, and every design element is chosen to contribute to an overall harmony.


We understand that the development of your web project is a significant investment of time and resources. That is why our dedicated team will accompany you at every step, from the initial design to the launch, including user testing and post-launch adjustments. Our goal is to ensure that the final product not only meets your needs but exceeds them, for a success that makes an impression and lasts over time.

Innovating in Connectivity



Our team of experts in web development and digital marketing is constantly monitoring the latest industry trends and best practices.


We are committed to delivering outstanding results, whether through the creation of interactive websites, the development of innovative mobile applications, or the implementation of targeted online marketing campaigns.


With us, every project is an opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience for your audience.


We firmly believe that your online identity is essential for success in today's digital world, and we are here to help you shine online. Trust in our expertise to guide you towards online success.

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